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What’s on your Creative Workbench?
May 14, 2014

Everyday we are building creative that becomes a powerful tool in our clients’ marketing plan. Large or small each project is added to our client’s “Creative Workbench” to help them react to opportunities, craft their message and ultimately “WIN”. This Workbench is made up of many tools that build your brand that resonates with your customers in the marketplace. 

On this bench are the many logos and custom branded IDs we create to set your product, service or event apart. These are... Read More

The Wire

Spring is here, found this little guy at my feet this morning. #copperbluecreative #spring #carlsbad
April 9, 2015
Carlsbad, CA - Monday, February 10, 2014 - Copper Blue Creative in conjunction with its sister web development shop, Nimbletoad, launched its new website. Built on the drupal framework this website serve not as the company's website but as a working demo of best of breed web practices and functionality. The site features responsive design and dynamically rendered, deeply relational content. This allows site authors to publish content once and have relevant snippets appear throughout the site without any additional effort. A client upload section allows clients to create new projects, upload artwork, and communicate with Copper Blue Staff. Copper Blue staff can then notify relevant partners, such as a print company, of new files and allow them access to just the relevant files. Read More
Press Release
February 10, 2014

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